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* Saturday, February 02, 2008 *
written on 24th january, at hand grenade throw in tekong.



the greatest motivator

stemming from within

constricting from without.


That of the infant child

crying for his guardian

lying dead in a bath

of blood.


One of the anxious mother

as she waits at the dinner table

for the daughter

that would never come home.


That of the forlorn lover

holding onto last strands

of love that

went astray.


In the presence of danger pure

piercing the heart,

the mind, the soul

yes constricting from



That of the homeless poor

and destitute

living each day, each night

by every little crumb

of hope.


One of the servant

to his Lord

obeying every command

abstaining from every sin

in the hope of a better

life beyond.


Of the soldier

carrying the body

of a fellow comrade

dodging bullets, grenades

and death,

with the small pain

in his heart

and the big one

in his chest.

And Fear

The greatest of motivators

giving strength

to the hopeless

From where fear is born

so too will courage,

hope and love.

The child that cries,

the mother that hopes,

the lover that waits,

the hunted that fights,

the destitute that earns,

the believer that prays,

and the soldier,

the soldier,

the soldier that is me.

10:05 AM
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* Thursday, January 03, 2008 *
Away On National Service

9:34 PM
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* Thursday, December 06, 2007 *
as the end of the year draws near, it doesn't take a genius to realise something:

hasn't it been only yesterday we said 'oh another year has passed', the same time last year?

if one were to picture a year as a wink of an eye, within about 60 more winks, I will no more be here, typing these words.

if one wink be a moment in time, then 60 winks be about a minute in life.

then it will all be over, lfe's up, now it's judgement for you.

how fast the time that flies, how slow the deeds of man.

"one who has, has not. One who shares, has had".

11:28 AM
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* Tuesday, October 30, 2007 *
with As coming round the corner (well, just tmr.) here I am typing away at my blog. and no, im not your usual oh-he-can-make-it-one-lah kinda kid. In fact, looking at the cards in my hands, I dare say the stakes are high and the odds of winning are, well, low.

And no, that is not the point of my post today. Not about telling you guys that its okay to make exams lightly and its okay to fail or whatever. In fact its the other way round, and no one can emphasise enuff how important it is to KNOW.

And no, my friends, KNOWING, does not necessarily mug and mug your head off, but its to really understand the many things that life's got to offer. So what, if you have straight As for Amaths,Emaths,Bio,Chem,Geog,SocialStudies,Malay (for you O lvl ppl) or diploma in hairstyling from ABCPoly, if you dont understand what you learn?

Oh theres a fine line really, between studying, and learning, mugging and knowing, info and knowledge. For the former fills your head with facts, concepts and figures, while the latter brings enlightenment and understanding in life.

No, again, no im not your typical granny nagger nagging about the importance of going to school and get good grades and go to Uni and be a lawyer or doctor or murderer. (i mean, look, some doctors were guilty of molesting patients, CEOs of embezzling company funds, imams misunderstanding religion to blow others up). Knowledge is power, and with power comes your responsibility. (sounds familiar? Spiderman wont be too happy i infringed upon copyright laws).. and with power comes the responsibility to USE IT WISELY, for betterment of others.

IQRA, the first famous word God said to Muhammad.

READ, he said, in the name of thy lord who createth.

he din say, pray, he din say, mug, he din say, (god forgive me) blow others up, in the name of your lord who createth.

Lets just have a sneak preview into what this actually means. When we read, what are we doing? we are gaining an understanding of what we read, right? Like, when your friend tells you where to meet for lunch via sms, turn right, go left past MacD, take the scalator to level two and go past LJ and youll get to the kopitiam. We read the sms, we understand. we know, and we MOVE. Such is the power of reading. it translates words into thoughts, thoughts into actions.

WHen God ALmighty told us to read, He actually wants us to UNDERSTAND life in particular. Then you say, "oh and i go to school". but so what if u go to even Harvard or Haprak University yet who shove your nose in a book all year long and pay no heed to others, learning to socialise, read on things that pertain to God, go out and explore the wonders of the world and see how the Quran dictates the truth in everyday life?

Go forth, my friend, and seek the treaures waiting for you. Hidden beneath every stone in by the beach, in the formation of clouds and rivers, in the DNA of the human genome and in the music of the Ansar as they welcome the arival of Muhammad SAW to Medina.

In everyday life, in all there is, in the world itself, lies the understanding of God, and of Life. Seek no further to uncover the truth. It does not take a great philosopher or theologian to explain the purpose of life and the existence of God. All it takes is one small kid, who dares to explore and ask, and desire knowledge. (Mom, where do babies come from?) and for us to open wide our eyes and see (Look at that gorgeous sunset!) and ponder upon the question: Can anyting that beautiful exist by itself?

Surely there is a Great Mastermind behind everything.

9:36 PM
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* Tuesday, October 09, 2007 *

Tell me what did I do today

3:40 PM
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* Saturday, September 29, 2007 *
Tag Replies =)

Lina: Hey thanks. EH! sorry if the other daY i called you sepet eh XD wakaka =D
Marl: Terime kasih ye sis Marl, pray for me k! Stick around =P
Zee: My blog fan XD LOL! Thanks for being you XD
Pipi: Hahahks. Terime kaseh keh Mek! Meet up soon. Rinduuu X
Jannah: URM.. so you want to bully me lah ni. better run away further. XD wil see you soon, IA!
Fana: but still im proud i was one seventh of your life XD hahaks, As lal sisterr.. pray for me k! all the best for promos results =)
Kooshkid: So far, alhamdulillah, but have yet to find the meaning in this month. cam.. tak rase sangat unlike last yer.. masih mencari erti.. lol. berbunge seh.. heh, its the As lah Kooshkid, but pray for me k! and teach me too XD

And there's 30 odd days left to the As.

tht's besides the point though. there's other more important things in life (WHAT!?)

Ramadhan was great, but I would love it if I could do the tarawih every night at mosk.. 

The volunteering at Madrasah Aljunied with the psix kids made me fall in love with them and their antics.

Youth Connected at Ghufran the other day was a REAL blast, Alhamdulillah.

Ramadhan is a time for brothers and sisters to spend more time with one another.

9:33 PM
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* Tuesday, August 28, 2007 *
Yesterday was happy, happy was yesterday. Why? Cus i met my family after so long. Hahah. Yeahps, the Fityan Family..and boy was i HAPPY.

Yesterday was Nisfu Syaaban, and being the mugger that i am, enslaving myself to A Levels, i did not volunteer to help out at the runnings of the event, but still came down just to enjoy the prayers and all. Nice prelude to Ramadhan, as the main prayer hall was 3/4 filled with people, and the atmosphere was just so.. relaxing. otherwordly. okay enough of the descriptions. now lets get back to what i really wanna blog abt =D

The thing was, i met them all! From Kak Aishah to Atikah to Irsyad to Azraie to Fahmi to Ust Wan to Hamzah to Fairoz to Harun to Faris to Yan kopeng and Yan Gengster to Raudah to Liyana to Zee to Hilmi to Asrul to Mohksin to Ust Ahmad. and many more (Sorry if any name's missed out XD). I duno, it seems just like any other event, where everyone turns up but i was really glad us i returned to the place i call home (or rather my second home) after so long..

Sigh. 65 more days to the Big As, and then i can say "freedom!".

Pray for me yeah yall, and take care always.

12:05 PM
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* Sunday, August 26, 2007 *
This prayer goes to all my friends, with which i cannot spend time nowadays. In turn, I spend this prayer for all of you. So take care! and Live Strong! =) Pray that I can get through the A's yeah! =D


Him in whose hands lie Dominion, Knowledge, and Faith,
My God the Living and Loving God.

Teach us to be truthful, in speech and in action
Teach us to be faithful, to our family and friends
Teach us to be strong, in calamity and trouble
Teach us to be humble, in excellence and perfection
Teach us to be PROUD, of You and Your Kingdom
Teach us to be powerful, in mastering ourselves
Teach us to be patient, in adversity and tribulation
Teach us to be wise, with knowledge and wisdom
Teach us to be loving, with care and concern for others
Teach us to be loved, to let others show that they care
Teach us to be spiritual, in faith and in truth
Teach us to care, and then, not to care.

Teach, our Lord, in whose hands lie the power to Love

to Love, and be Loved.



5:55 PM
burn! - 'cus the lovers of God are ablaze.
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* Friday, August 17, 2007 *
Tag replies:

fami and zee
: okay you guys can go and quarrel k while i just stick around and pretend this blog is mine. =)
JANNAH!!!: tengah mugging ah sister.. nanti kite meet k! no problem! =) just stay around! send me regards to e "rest". =)
Hanisa: Salam alaik you too! still remember you! =) k, no problem, will link you up. I hope your sister's trip to study overseas brings benefit for all! ameeeeeenn. =)

Finally got a reply from Dr Danial. Was just emailing him asking whether I could cite portions of his fantastic book Islam- the Misunderstood Religion- in my blog, and guess what! The author himself replied my email and said YES!!! but regretably I need to have the book with me (which I dont have right now) in order for me to cite anything at all. W regards to that, keep updated yeah! Will blog about really cool interesting facts about Islam and things you never knew before!

Anyways, I am currently banging on Mathematics for the time being (and putting Biology, Chemistry and Economics aside first) 'cus i've just realised i know absolutely NOTHING about math. Thank God I am right now on track, with thanks also to my tutors and friends who've been course-crashing me through topics, and lending me notes and tutorials. =)

By the ways, my A's oficially begin on the 31 st October with General Paper, roughly about 12~13 weeks counting down. Prelims begin right after the september break (which after all the work I have to do to mug and stuff there wont be any "break" for me, sadly), and honestly I am less prepared for prelims than I am prepared to wed a princess. (How I got that analogy I dont know, so dont ask. maybe it's a sad attempt to crack some funny jokes, talents for which I have discarded along with my life the moment I began this regime of mugging monkhood.)

Otherwise, school is all bore and unbearable, but thank God Almighty all the bear and boars and put under restrain with the help of friends who make going to school less of a torture and more of fun, with all the "under-table" passing around of chocolate and sweets, silent games of Bingo, and playing word games when we ought to have been doing essays.

Some of the tips I made for myself to pull me through a round day at school:


you never know when you might need to start chewing something sweet and edible, after drooling so much over your test papers and tutorials (not because of addiction, but rather due to utter boredom)


too much notes-reading and doing homework might be a good cause for brain-damage, so for bibliophiles (bookworms) like me, do have some action-packed thriller or fantastical fictions in your bag to soothe the pain of mugging


i swear, by the time you get into poly/jc, most of the time we spend with our notes we spend sleeping as well, whether it be in lecture theatres, tutorials, or even during breaks. sleeping early helps sleepyheads like me to sustaing a rough day in school - and avoid sudden waking shouts into your ears from a furious teacher. ALSO, for idiots like me who have bad tolerance level for shit in the stomach (pardon the crude lang), never eat a heavy supper the night before, as there might just be a high chance your stomach start to give you shit (oh yes literally) right in the bus towards school (AND YOU DONT WANNA SHIT IN THE BUS, RIGHT GUYS!)


i know, this age-old bad-habit of many of us - NOT BRINGING/DOING HOMEWORK -
but please, just bring them all even if you noe you din do them. at least it spares you a lil. notice i din say anything about doing any homework .. (lalala..)

5) last but not least..

Just remember to have fun! =)

3:14 PM
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* Sunday, August 05, 2007 *
Tag replies =)

Lina: Hahahs, thanks Lina for the support! and anything just ask k, ill try to help you in math =)
Alvin: HEY! stick around yeah!
Zee: Thanks yous for the advice! I'll try to study smart +)
PiPi: Alalalaa... sho shweet.. =) KK, i wont promise, but we will soon see each other, InshaAllah k! with Kams!
Junn: Ya la.. kene muGG lahh.. kalau tak habes la. ahahks, take care, and stick around too! jgn luper dtg kpr k!
Fana: Yaaaa!! im losing it! im losing it! what? LIFE! ahahks, the last time i actually went out to lepak was, well, the last time i went out to lepak. lol. kk, wish me luck and pray for me k! thanks! =)

--- end of tag replies =( ---

Final Prostration. where that word came from i duno, but i find it sounds cool. k what it means is - the last sujud (it is when we Muslims bow down and cast ourselves face down on the ground in adoration to God) of the prayer, right before we end it with the salam.

The final prostration is special, cus unlike any other sujud, this one is promised granting of whatever you ask from God, as the Messenger (peace be unto Him) said:

'The nearest a servant can be to his Lord is when he is prostrating, so invoke (supplicate) Allah much in it."

"Ask, and ye shall be given." So pray to God, and ask Him whatever you want. =)

there's this website with real cool du'a (in ENGLISH! and arabic - for those who wanna read it in its original language) and it's good stuff. has got prayers for Victory, for Studies, for Forgiveness, for Success and many more. Go go go!

here's the webbie! go visit at: http://www.geocities.com/mutmainaa/dua.html

3:20 PM
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